A Funky Future for PDQdecide

Funk Futures is now a certified sales agent for PDQdecide.

PDQ Decisions is pleased to announce that Funk Futures is now a certified sales agent for PDQdecide. As trusted advisors to the upstream energy industry, Funk Futures will help PDQ Decisions to grow the first truly off-the-shelf software product for petroleum reserves management and capital planning.

We were fortunate to meet Jeremy Funk when PDQdecide sponsored the Tripping Over the Barrel podcast earlier this year. We already knew Jeremy’s co-host Tim Loser very well, so it was no surprise to learn that Jeremy is also high-integrity, well respected, and well connected in the North American energy industry. When Jeremy launched Funk Futures shortly after our sponsorship, it was a no brainer that we wanted Funk Futures to represent our brand.

Partnering with Funk Futures will help PDQ Decisions to redouble its commitment to customer service. The PDQ team will focus even more energy on product development and technical support, while Funk Futures spreads the PDQdecide message and helps to grow our user community. There are many lead generation factories promising to dial for dollars. That’s not what Funk Futures is, and that’s not what we want. Funk Futures knows the E&P industry, knows our product, and is empowered to help customers explore and adopt PDQdecide. 

If you work for a North American E&P company in the reserves management or capital planning function, you just might get a call from Funk Futures introducing PDQdecide.