Easy to Buy, Easy to Deploy & Easy to Use

Designed from day one for rapid deployment & easy configuration.

Why Wait Months?

Go live in hours with an off-the-shelf product.

Get Better Answers Faster

Advanced analytics and clever data handling make reserves & planning workflows sing.

The no-code solution for petroleum reserves reporting & capital planning

Reserves Reporting

All of the audit, control, and lookback capabilities you expect from a petroleum reserves system, plus predictive analytics to reveal how reserves will mature.

Capital Planning

A powerful E&P capital planning engine helps you to find optimal capital portfolios that balance competing objectives while satisfying many constraints.

A Single Solution for Reserves & Planning

Engineered from the ground up for easy configuration, rapid deployment, and user‑focused design.

Optimizing reserves and planning data to create interactive reports.
Selecting data to extract from ARIES and PHDWin economics data.
PDQ database drawing data from economics database and relaying it to Excel user interface.

The best of both worlds.

PDQdecide offers all the power of an enterprise suite in a nimble best‑of‑breed package. Deployments can scale from as small as a single laptop to multiple distributed servers.

PDQ Excel Add-In

Familiar user experience in a tool that everyone already has on their desktop.

PDQ Database

Application logic and data persistence in an easy‑to‑deploy SQL Server database.

PDQ Planning Engine

Advanced global optimization technology deployed seamlessly as a Windows service.

50% Cheaper
Total Cost of Ownership

80% Faster
Total Time to Deploy

100% Better
Passionate Customer Focus

See It To Believe It

Get up and running in hours, rather than weeks or months for other solutions.

Just point PDQdecide to your petrolum economics database. It will analyze the reserve products and economic values being tracked, as well as reserve categories, attributes and reporting hierarchies.

Key Features

The PDQ Advantage

Reserves + Planning

Seamless integration between reserves and planning. Better data, faster turnaround, and no balls dropped.

SEC Reporting

Analysis, reporting, and detailed audit record for both SEC and non-SEC reserves reporting.

Smart Pre-Calculation

Automatically recalculates with every data load or update. Recalculations intelligently limited to the scope of change.

Quarterly Reserves

Reserves are closed and opened with a moving quarterly window. Both year-to-date and quarterly reconciliation supported.

Approval Levels & Stages

Reserves change records are auditable by approval level and workflow stage. Staging areas can hold temporary work.

Standards Compliant

Flexible configuration based on petroleum industry standards. Compliant with both PPDM 3.9 and PRMS 2018.

The Go-To Source for Reserves & Planning Data

Have you ever looked under the hood of a petroleum economics database? We have. It's not pretty.

Whiteboard with complex database architecture diagram.

PDQ Integration Points

Let PDQdecide do the heavy lifting for you. PDQ Integration Points provide database security views for end users to easily access the data they need— without navigating complex project economics, creating separate ETL processes, or risking changes to source data. PDQdecide is the secure and easy hub for corporate reserves and planning data.

Data drawn from ARIES and PHDWin databases and served to third party applications via secure connections.

No Code Required

PDQdecide has built-in access to project economics data stored in ARIES and PHDWin. PDQ integration points take the next step by automatically creating database views that are aggregated and structured for easy use. Administrators can specify which views are available to which users.

Secure & Easy Access

Whatever reserves or planning data your users need, PDQdecide can make it happen. PDQ integration points support business intelligence (PowerBI/Spotfire/Tableau), data analytics (R/Python/SAS), middleware (Informatica), internal IT systems, and third party applications.

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