Between ASAP and NOWTM is PDQ.

A new model for E&P software innovation

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a joint venture between:
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Driven to Do Better.

For over 30 years, our team members have worked to advance the E&P industry’s digital frontier. Now, with PDQdecide, we have found a way to break through the limitations of traditional E&P software. It all started with our long standing belief that customers deserve better.

The Product We Always Wanted.

Our vision with PDQ is to REWORK the business of E&P software. We started with a clean slate, and designed PDQdecide from the ground up to be fast, easy, and powerful. PDQdecide is the product that we always wanted to deliver.

The Right Team for Success.

PetroLucid Software and Ariaal joined forces in 2020 to form PDQ Decisions, LLC. PDQdecide is the joint venture's flagship product.


PDQ Founders

Robert Gair

Executive Director

Over 30 years experience in the petroleum industry, specializing in reserves management and software applications for E&P companies.

Kevin Kostuik

Executive Director

Over 20 years experience applying advanced analytics and global optimization technology to challenging business problems.

Yunjun Mu

Executive Director

Over 20 years experience designing, implementing, and deploying optimization technology and advanced analytics for Global 500 companies.

Values & Mission


Our customers are ALWAYS in the room with us.

Customer empathy is the beacon that guides our strategy and decisions. The most rewarding part of our job is the long term relationships that we build with our customers, helping them to grow professionally while making their everyday lives easier. We count 10 year anniversaries with clients as the best measure of success.

Every detail of our business is thoroughly crafted.

This includes both our software products and our business model. Our software is designed from inception to be a harmonious whole that is fast, easy, and powerful. Our business model sets aside industry conventions in favor of customer focus and operational efficiency. Great products stand the test of time, and an efficient vendor has the flexibility to treat its customers right.

We take pride in doing the right thing.

It is inevitable in life that things will sometimes go pear shaped. When it happens, we commit to recognize issues early, bring them forth promptly, and work together to find the right path. Doing the right thing is a daily commitment. Most times, good small decisions can keep things from going pear shaped in the first place.

We pursue both fun and success in everything we do.

We are delighted by the potential of technology to make lives easier. With every customer interaction we strive to be concise, knowledgable, empathetic, respectful, and engaging. We like our jobs, have fun working together, and take joy in our customer relationships. Success is bigger than business metrics. Since we all spend so much time at work, we consider fun as a design parameter too.

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