A New Member of the Team

Mark Furber brings 25+ years of reserves management experience (and a fine looking moustache) to PDQ.

PDQ Decisions is pleased to announce a new member of the PDQdecide team. Mark Furber has joined PDQ as a senior technical advisor for reserves management. Mark will help us to shape the PDQdecide product, and also assist any customers needing help with strategy, business processes, or data management.

Like many experts in reserves, budgeting, and planning, Mark's early career featured roles at Merak. He springboarded from Merak to hold key reserves management roles at several companies, with market caps ranging from $20 million up to $40 billion, including Devon, Anadarko, and Breitburn Energy. With over 25 years of experience across a wide variety of companies, basins, and countries, Mark understands the intricacies, practicalities, and ups-and-downs of reserves management like few others. He knows how to make reserves management function smoothly on a day-to-day basis, and how to navigate wisely when market conditions or other circumstances make budgeting and planning difficult.

And there's more! Mark also sports one of the finest moustaches in the upstream energy industry. Schedule a demo today if you’d like to see it :)