We’re Baaack...

image by Bull City Pictures

The PDQdecide team returns to our office at American Underground.

Thanks to the availability of COVID-19 vaccines in North Carolina, PDQ Decisions has reopened its office at American Underground in downtown Durham. We’re grateful to American Underground for all of their support and sound decision making throughout the pandemic. PDQ Decisions has been digital-first since inception, so the pandemic didn’t change much for our business, unlike so many other businesses around the world. That said, it feels good to be back. Really good. Like, ‘salted honey custard pie from Loaf Bakery just down the street’ good. Or, ‘walking past the Swarm mural on Burt’s Bees HQ in the early morning light’ good. We’ll enjoy those little moments while resuming limited operations with reasonable precautions, and we look forward to additional reopening steps in the coming months. Special thanks to Bull City Pictures for capturing one of those beautiful moments in downtown Durham and giving us permission to use this fantastic image of our office.