PDQ Gets Rowdy

Raul Labardini (aka Rowdy) joins PDQ Decisions as Director of Business Development.

PDQ Decisions has another exciting personnel announcement to make: Raul Labardini (aka Rowdy) has joined our team as Director of Business Development.

Raul will be responsible for getting the message out about PDQdecide and helping new users to find and adopt our product. Raul has a stellar reputation as a business development professional, and we’re proud to have him on the PDQ team.

When I first met Raul, it was refreshing to see that he shares our focus on long term, win-win relationships. Sales isn’t something that you do to clients. It’s a journey that you take with clients. Raul’s approach has always been to develop trusted relationships, connect people who can help each other, and guide discovery to confirm the success of all parties involved. That’s exactly how PDQ likes to do business.

While working for PDQ, Raul will continue to represent other energy-focused startups under the banner of Labardini Labs. Being part of the vibrant group of Labardini Labs companies helps PDQ Decisions to not only get better connected, but also to learn from some of the brightest young technology teams in the business.

Now for the question that everyone wants to ask: Why ‘Rowdy’? You’ll need to ask Raul to get the answer to that one :)